Phil Entzminger Has a Strong Desire to Travel the World

Over the past few years, Phil Entzminger has been an avid world traveler, with his favorite destinations being Tokyo, where he found the people to be extremely organized and friendly and because the food and culture was amazing. He has also traveled to Finland, Italy, and some parts of South Africa. When Phil Entzminger traveled to Finland, he spent most of his time as a freelance blog writer, working in the heart of Helsinki. He was impressed with the healthy mix of city and rural life he experienced there and he has particular memories of eating the best turnips anywhere there.

Phil visited Rome with his family in 2017, where everyone was able to make their own pasta and take a tour of the Vatican. No long after that, Phil Entzminger’s father then treated him and the family to voyage to a safari park in South Africa, where the family was able to get up close and personal with giraffes, lions, rhinoceros, elephants, hippopotamus, zebras, and antelope. When he and the family weren’t communing with nature in South Africa, they got to play golf, which is one of Phil Entzminger‘s favorite pastimes, although he admits to not being very good.

Phil still finds golf very enjoyable, even though the hazards seeming to have a magnetic attraction at times. He has played near his old home at the Seltenheim Golf Course, as well as at the Kiagenfurt-Seltenheim course in Austria. In the United States, Phil Entzminger has played all over the country, with his favorite course being at Cypress Point Golf Club in Pebble Beach, in Southern California, primarily because of the weather which has always been spectacular when he’s played there.